Fans Run Into Paul McCartney at Circle K

Posing with a Beatle.
Posing with a Beatle.

Strange things were afoot recently at a Circle K convenience store in Springfield, Illinois.

C.J. Lowder was with his cousins and friends heading to a Cardinals game, not expecting meet someone famous.

"We noticed the New York plates when it was parked kind of in front of us and I seen him walk by and I said man that looks like Paul McCartney," Lowder recalled.

"I called out the window, 'Hey Paul', and he talked in his British accent so sure enough we all jumped out the car and bum rushed him...kind of felt bad for that," added Josh Lowder.

Some might question if it is really Sir Paul.

A self proclaimed expert of the Beatles, "Beatle" Bob Bartel, believes it was.

Bob and Janice Bartel have been making The Beatles their business since the mop-toppers hit the scene in the 60s.

They only wish they could have seen him in person.

"As much as my wife and I know about the Beatles, that is definitely a confirmed sighting of Sir Paul McCartney," Bob Bartel said.

If nothing else, it is a great story for the five guys.