Jeff Shearer's Beijing Bling Contest - Montgomery Alabama news.

Jeff Shearer's Beijing Bling Contest

Georgia Tech Pin - 8/18/08 Georgia Tech Pin - 8/18/08
500 Days Pin - 8/19/08 500 Days Pin - 8/19/08
Blue Atlanta '96 Pin - 8/20/08 Blue Atlanta '96 Pin - 8/20/08
96 Days - 8/21/08 96 Days - 8/21/08
Green Atlanta '96 Pin - 8/22/08 Green Atlanta '96 Pin - 8/22/08

Do you like a good contest?

Well, tune in to WSFA 12 News Today in Alabama every weekday morning during the Olympics for your chance to win one of Sports Director Jeff Shearer's personal Olympic pins.

Jeff will ask a trivia question related to local Olympians, and the first person back to this page with the correct answer will win!

(A contest question form will appear in this box at 5:40am each morning and will remain active until 7:00am. Jeff will announce the winner on the air before the end of the show. If the correct answer is not given by the end of the show Jeff will announce a winner at a later date.)
Click here for the official contest rules page

Winners: Here are the lucky winners of Jeff's bling!


  • Ron Macksoud correctly answered Monday's question:
    Which former U-A-B track star won a gold medal in the 2002 WINTER Olympics in Salt Lake City? (Answer: Vonetta Flowers)
    Congratulations! Mr. Macksoud takes home the Georgia Tech pin!

  • Matt Miller of Pike Road correctly answered Tuesday's question:
    Which two former Auburn basketball stars each won two gold medals? (Answer: Charles Barkley & Ruthie Bolton-Holifield)
    Congratulations! Mr. Miller takes home the 500 Days pin!

  • Rusty Morrison of Elmore correctly answered Wednesday's question:
    What USA Olympic softball pitcher (and '04 gold-medalist) once attended a Biscuits game at Riverwalk Stadium? (Answer: Jenny Finch)
    Congratulations! Mr. Morrison takes home the Atlanta '96 pin!

  • Edward Cooper of Tuskegee correctly answered Thursday's question:
    What gold-medal winning decathlete once appeared at a health fair in Montgomery?(Answer: Dan O'Brien)
    Congratulations! Mr. Cooper takes home the 96 Days pin!

  • Deborah Faulk of Brundidge correctly answered Friday's question:
    What former Alabama gymnast won two silver medals at the '04 Olympics in Athens?
    (Answer: Terin Humphrey)
    Congratulations! Ms. Faulk takes home the green Atlanta '96 pin!



  • Linda Kilgore of Pike Road correctly answered Monday's question:
    Which former Montgomery Barracudas swimmer won five medals (four gold) in the '92 and '96 Olympics? (Answer: Jon Olsen)
    Congratulations! Ms. Kilgore takes home the Barcelona pin!
  • Maryann Fannin of Ramer correctly answered Tuesday's question:
    Which Tuskegee resident was the first African-American woman to win an Olympic gold medal? (Answer: Alice Coachman)
    Congratulations! Ms. Fannin takes home the Sesame Place pin!
  • Sabrina Lee of Montgomery correctly answered Wednesday's question:
    Which Alabama native won a gold medal in women's Springboard diving in the '76 Olympics? (Answer: Jennie Chandler)
    Congratulations! Ms. Lee takes home the AT&T pin! 
  • Kathryn Berryhill of Prattville correctly answered Thursdays's Question:
    Which former Auburn swimmer won three gold medals in '84, and has been part of NBC's broadcasting crew for the past five Olympic games? (Answer: Rowdy Gaines)
    Congratulations! Ms. Berryhill takes home the Xerox pin!
  • Mike Kilgore of Pike Road correctly answered Friday's question:
    Who is the Alabama track coach (and former Auburn track coach) who sprinted to gold in the '76 games in the men's 4X100m relay? (Answer: Harvey Glance)
    Congratulations! Mr. Kilgore takes home the Bellsouth pin!
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