Russia's President Halts Military Action Against Georgia

By Mario Hendricks - bio | email

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) - There is some promising news to report concerning the fighting between Georgian and Russian forces. WSFA 12 News has learned that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered an end to military operations against Georgia following a five day conflict.

Many world leaders, including President Bush, have been urging Russia to cease fire, but so far Russia has only announced a halt to military action.

Russia's president went on live television hours ago to say that they are punishing Georgia and restoring security for civilians and Russian peacekeepers in the breakaway South Ossetia region. At the same time, he ordered the military to "destroy" any signs of Georgian resistance that pops up again.

Russia's foreign minister stated that Georgia's president must resign; vowing Moscow will not sit down for peace talks with him.

Meanwhile, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is on his way to Moscow with the hope of negotiating a European Union-brokered truce.

The conflict between Russia and Georgia began on Friday after Georgia launched an offensive to regain control of a separatist province.