Laughter Yoga

By Tonya Terry - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -- A new kind of yoga is helping people laugh their way to better health. But for many, it can be a little ridiculous and wacky at the same time.

The instructor, Kelly Mashu, even calls it silly as she leads a giddy group of twelve in free laughter yoga.

"I realize that acting a little crazy in public might put you back into your reality," said laughter yoga student Alexandria Whitlock.

Laughing yoga is all about tossing inhibitions aside and letting laughter take over.

"I feel real young. I feel like I'm having fun. I actually feel more vital now than when I first started," said laughter student Angel Cartagena.

Whether the laughter is silent or loud, the benefits can be powerful.

"It is a stress reliever because it reduces adrenaline and cortisol and raises serotonin and endorphins so you get all that happy chemistry moving," said instructor Kelly Mashu.

Laughter yoga started with just five people in 1995. Today it is a global phenomenon with over six thousand clubs in sixty countries.

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