Editorial: Money Trouble

Our state's fiscal year ends in six weeks.

When it does, we will likely have depleted nearly a half million dollars from reserve funds to pay education bills.

And next year's budget assumes a revenue growth that likely won't happen.

The culprit certainly is the economy.

It has slowed sales tax collections.

Chances of these collections keeping pace with spending needs for the next budget appear slim.

Our capital city's also struggling.

Montgomery will present a budget next week for the coming year that will reflect the current reality: sales tax revenue is down three million dollars this fiscal year.

Half of the city budget is funded with sales tax revenue.

That's too much.

Diversifying the revenue stream both statewide and in our capital city is needed.

That means more of a mix of sales and property taxes.

We also need to do statewide what montgomery is doing right now, get more bang for our buck.

Eliminate waste and mismanagement and be more creative with available funds.

The combination will brighten an outlook that appears very dismal right now.