Holy Sobriety Test! Here Comes a BAT Mobile

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama state troopers have a new device to combat drunk driving.

Governor Bob Riley has awarded almost $1.4 million in grants to provide troopers with specially equipped vans called "BAT Mobiles."

"BAT" is a breath alcohol testing device that allows troopers to conduct roadside sobriety checks.

Riley said in a statement Tuesday "that about 40 percent of all traffic deaths in Alabama involve alcohol."

The "BAT Mobiles" were on display at a news conference Wednesday in Montgomery.

State officials are announced plans for another "Take Back Our Highways" traffic safety initiative.

More than 125 additional state troopers will be on Alabama's roads and highways later this month as part of a crackdown on speeding and drunken driving.

Gov. Bob Riley and Public Safety Director Col. Christopher Murphy said Wednesday the extra troopers would be out the week of Aug. 18-24 as part of the "Take Back Our Highways" traffic safety campaign.

Riley's communications director, Jeff Emerson, says overtime for state troopers will be funded partly by federal grants. Troopers in Tennessee and Mississippi will also be participating in the crackdown.

Riley said troopers would also be looking to crack down on seat belt violations and incidents of aggressive driving.

Murphy credited several similar crackdowns in the last year for reducing the number of traffic fatalities in the state.

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