New Vision for Montgomery Mall

Montgomery Mall may soon spring back to life.
Montgomery Mall may soon spring back to life.

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

So, where were you and what were you doing about 42 years ago? You just may have been at the opening of the new "in" place to shop: Montgomery Mall. The Mall, though, has been through a lot of tough times and owners and is only a shell of itself today. But now, a man with a passion for the Mall has a vision for its future.

Those were the days back in the 80's and early 90's when Montgomery Mall was jumping. There were not two but three anchor stores and about a hundred upscale speciality stores then. It was the place to be for shopping but those days are long gone.

And now, there is someone who wants to unlock the doors again. "So, this would still be a food court is that right? Yes," says Jack Thomas who is working on behalf of the new owner to find folks who are interested in setting up offices here - like a rent-a-car office where there are plenty of parking spaces for rental cars or a lawyer's or doctor's office. "There would need to be some renovation done to the facade of the space to give it a more office appearance rather than retail. Probably be a lot less glass? Right." He even says some city and county government offices might be interested in moving here too. "Cuts plus...I'm assuming that used to be a hair salon? Barbershop. A barbershop. There could be a city agency there? There could be. There could be."

Thomas says the pluses to locating here are - tenants would get more office space and it's in a location that's easy to find. But there are minuses too. For example, the Mall has a reputation for being unsafe. Thomas, however, disputes that. "Some 60 cameras are on this property and they can be monitored . There is no place in the building where you can not be observed on camera."

And, even with the cameras around there was a shooting incident there several years ago. "That was just a domestic situation where boyfriend and girlfriend were having a fight. She just pulled out the gun to scare him a little bit and shot in the air but it was reported as being a shooting. That's not what happened."

The spaces that are available for rent include all of Montgomery Mall except the Parisian building. That property is owned separately and is not a part of the package.

Thomas says there are about 80 to 100 office spaces that are available for rent. If you are interested you can call (334) 288-4226.