Buckmasters Expo Returns to Montgomery After 3 Year Hiatus

Buckmasters is back! Vendors and crews are working around the clock, setting up for the 15th annual Buckmasters Expo at the Montgomery Convention Center.

The event kicks off this Friday, August 15th, following a three year hiatus. But an event of this caliber doesn't happen overnight.

"We'll use our whole staff, 50 people or more working in different parts, move in and out. It's a big deal--our whole company gets involved," said Allan Brewer with Buckmasters.

The event is not just for those with a love for hunting. Organizers say anyone who enjoys eating will fit in just fine. There are all kinds of exhibts for folks to check out; from roasted nuts to fudge. But maybe one of the most impressive parts of the expo is the top bow indoor world championship. Workers are tranforming part of the convention center in an archery range, that will be a desert oasis, complete with sand and decoys.

"We'll have scenes set up from different parts of the country, the deer will pop up and will be running across the range. It's very enjoyable for the audience, " said Brewer.

Organizers say they're expecting quite a crowd--more than 20 thousand people generally show up to these events across the southeast. This year Buckmasters says it's a good feeling to know they're setting up shop at home.

Admission to the expo is free. if you a bring a can of food for the Central Alabama Food Bank. The expo kicks off this Friday starting at 3 PM.

So whether you're ready to set your sites on a new gun, or watch a world class archer for the first time, it's a wild event that's happening right in your backyard!