Selma Man Disappears on Day of Mother's Death

There's an odd situation right now in Dallas County. A military veteran disappeared the day his mother died--more than a week ago. So far there is no evidence of foul play but investigators say at this point they still can't rule out anything.

George McKay's story begins at the Lawrence-Brown Svice Funeral Home in Selma. He turned in a folder full of funeral policies: one on his mother, and 3 for himself--all on August 4th, the very day Mckay's mother died of natural causes at 83.

From here, McKay drove more than 60 miles away to the cemetery in Awin, Alabama, and marked off his mother's grave. He's been missing ever since.

"We've checked his financial records, nothing's been disturbed," said Harris Huffman with the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

"He's never vanished like this," said Jimmy Smith, McKay's cousin.

Even more bizarre is George McKay never showed up for his mother's visitation or her funeral.

George McKay is 58 years old, and a Vietnam veteran who battled depression. So far McKay has not answered the call of concern from his family, 9 days and counting. The funeral home director tells WSFA 12 news he doesn't recall anything unusual about McKay's behavior when he turned in those policies.

McKay was last seen driving a burgundy 1998 Chevy S-10 pick up truck with this tag number: 27C343H.