State Employees' Association Against Tax

The talk around central Alabama is all about taxes and the Alabama State Employees' Association (ASEA)has a decided where it will stand on the issue.

ASEA Executive Director Mac McArthur said on Monday that it is unfair for county commssioners to consider taxing state workers.  McArthur says state workers lag behind other workers in terms of cost of living increases.

McArthur says he would rather see an ad valorem tax, a business privilege tax, or true tax reform rather than the proposed occupational tax.

The Montgomery County Commission is scheduled to vote on the tax August 19th.

In other tax news, the Montgomery City Council is expected to discuss raising the city's sales tax by 1% at its meeting Tuesday at 2 p.m.  They may also look at a plan to raise the lodging tax from 10 to 12.5%