Alabama's Football Coach on Cover of Forbes Magazine

Tuscaloosa, AL (WSFA) -  When it comes to football coaches with power, influence and money, Forbes Magazine says Alabama's Nick Saban tops the list. They made him this month's cover story.

Saban has been the center of attention from day one in Tuscaloosa. However, Nick Saban's career record in Tuscaloosa is 7 wins and 6 losses. But, when it comes to power, Forbes Magazine calls Saban the most powerful coach in all of sports. The Forbes writer says there are coaches at other universities with similar salaries, but no coach including those in the professional leagues, can match Saban's combination of money, control and influence.

It is great publicity, but it is safe to say Alabama fans could probably care less unless all that power comes a whole lot of wins. The article ends with this question: Can Saban deliver? With his power comes the burden of immediate gratification, for Alabama fans that would probably mean another magazine cover with the headline reading national champs.

The article also lists the best and worst college football coaches for the money. The issue hits the news stands on Friday.

Judd Davis