Conflict Between Georgia and Russia Hits Close to Home in Geneva County

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Geneva, Ala. (WSFA) -  The international conflict between Russia and Georgia hits close to home for some in south Alabama.

That's because there is a connection with the United State's decision to send humanitarian aid to Georgia.

The person responsible for getting the plane on the ground was born and raised in Geneva.

At their home in Geneva John and Anita Motley were shocked to learn they had a close connection to the conflict in Georgia.

"I'm like wow, Scott.   Wow, I'm impressed tell me about it," said Anita Motley.

She was excited because their son Scott is an Air Force pilot, and he was behind the controls of the first plane delivering humanitarian aid to Georgia.

"You get concerned in a deal like that because he's flying in to airspace in an unarmed airplane into military airspace, combat airspace," said John Motley, Scott's father.

You could say for Scott, flying was a way of life growing up in Geneva, especially if your dad is a retired Air Force pilot.

"It's sort of family tradition you might say," said John.  "I envy them they get to see what's really going on in the rest of the world."

The Motleys say Scott was returning from a flight to Afghanistan when his crew got the call they were heading to Georgia.

"He said we were there, we were available we took the mission that's our job, that's what we're here to do," said Anita.

Scott also has a brother who is a pilot in the Air Force.

As a matter fact, those brothers are the first two residents of Geneva County to ever be accepted to U.S. Air Force Academy.