Home Depot Officially Home to Pike Road

Pike Road, Al. (WSFA) -- It's at the center of a 'David and Goliath' struggle between Pike Road and the City of Montgomery.

"We cant compromise.  There's no compromising that issue," said Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright in an earlier interview.

Montgomery wanted Home Depot--and its hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue--inside the capital city limits.

Pike Road, however, took action last August, annexing the property first and claiming the lucrative tax spoils.

Now, after months of commission meetings and lawsuits, the court sided with the little guy.

A court order issued today gives Pike Road the land, citing a law signed this year which validates any existing town limits--and any annexations that took place after 1990 and before may 29th.

Mayor Gordon Stone says the ruling is very good news.

"[Home Depot] wants to be in the Town of Pike Road.  The Legislature has verified they're in the Town of Pike Road.  The courts have verified they're in the Town of Pike Road," he explained.

The decision also affirms the corporate limits set by the town--an important concept as Pike Road continues to grow.

"It's a good opportunity for us to reach out to other businesses and to reach out to other areas that want to be a part of the vision we have," Stone said.

With any claims by the City of Montgomery now dismissed, Stone hopes the fighting will subside.

"Anything beyond this would just be a sad attempt to try to take a group of citizens and a business out of an area that they want to be in," he explained.

Montgomery city leaders tell WSFA 12 News they have yet to read the court order and as of now have no comment.