Day Two of Woodward Trial and Still No Jury

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA)-  Day two and still no jury in the capital murder trial of Mario Woodward, the man accused of murdering a Montgomery police officer nearly two years ago.

Reporters were allowed inside the courtroom to here the questions asked of the jurors.

It was a long day for the Mario Woodward, who showed no emotion as the attorneys questioned the jurors.

Most of the questions asked were about the death penalty.

One juror said he could not vote for the death penalty and was excused from jury duty.

Others said they could consider the death penalty and life without parole if Woodward is found guilty.

"We explained to them [the jurors] that in the event of a conviction, that because the judge would start the sentencing hearing almost immediately upon a conviction, that we must now ask you about these questions so we'll know what your opinions and feelings and attitudes about the death penalty are right now," said defense attorney  Richard Keith., "because we [the defense] won't have a chance to do it later on."

The prospective jurors were also asked what they had heard about the case and most said they had heard that a police officer was killed and someone was arrested, but that's all they could remember.

Attorneys will question more prospective jurors Wednesday morning and the judge is hoping to begin the trial Wednesday afternoon.

WSFA 12 News will keep you updated as this trial progresses.

We'll have live updates from the courthouse until there's a verdict.