Wiregrass Newsroom: Dothan Fire Brings Light to Benefits of Renters Insurance

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Sunday's fire at Tarragon Hills Apartments in Dothan left 15 families homeless.

The 28 residents of building "F" lost nearly everything in the devastating fire.

Surprisingly almost 60% of renters have no renters insurance.

It's a nightmare you don't expect to come home to, your house engulfed in flames.

"I'm just in shock, I can't even imagine," said Louise Miller, as she stood outside building "F" Sunday.

"I just moved in Saturday, I just had enough time to put my valuables in there before the fire," said Nick Nitkowski, on Monday as he waited to get into his burnt apartment.

That nightmare became a reality for those 28 people.

It's tragedies like this that bring to light the benefits of having renters insurance.

"It's a terrible thing but what insurance can do is get back into the situation you were before the loss," said Dothan Insurance agent Don Harrison.

Harrison says it's easy to get this coverage.  It boils down to just picking up the phone and calling your local insurance agent.

"You just say you want it and the insurance agent will say we can fix you up," said Harrison.

The benefit of renters insurance covers more than just your apartment.

If you go on vacation and someone breaks into your car, some policies will cover those stolen items.

However, Harrison says no matter what policy you get the security of knowing your protected is really what matters at the end of the day.