Editorial: Conserving Energy

Conserving energy is something we can all do to reduce energy dependence on foreign countries.

We salute homeowners like some here in the Old Cloverdale section of Montgomery who incorporate energy saving initiatives now, or plan to as they build or upgrade.

We salute local businesses like Jenkins Brick Company for piping methane gas from the city dump to heat their brick and piping rain water from their roof into a 5,000 gallon tank to use in their brick making instead of city or well water.

We salute Max Credit Union, who will be offering workshops this weekend at its EcoMax Home Expo for both home and business owners to get the latest energy saving tips.

We encourage lawmakers to again introduce "Energy Star" tax credits to benefit homeowners and businesses.

Our homes are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses. With fairly simple improvements, we can reduce our home's energy consumption by close to half.

We need to as energy costs will continue to rise in the coming year.