Message in a Bottle Found Across the Ocean

An amazing story to tell you about a tale right out of the movies, and one of two worlds coming together twenty years later.

It's an unbelievable story of a message in a bottle found thousands of miles away.

20 years ago, in 1988 Angie Goodwin of Atlantic in Carteret County tossed a glass bottle into the ocean with a message inside.

She was ten years old at the time.

5 years later, and thousand and thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean, in 1993 Thomas McGrath was walking along the beach in South Ireland when he spotted a rusty bottle floating in the sea.

He broke open the glass bottle and believe it or not, Angie's message was inside.

On Tuesday McGrath flew into Carteret County to meet Angie.

Goodwin who is now thirty is getting the hand delivery of the message she tossed in the ocean 20 years ago.

McGrath did talk to Angie when he first found the bottle in 1993, Angie was fourteen at the time, but the two haven't talked much since.

Angie says her kids are now tossing bottles into the sea, in hopes of another dream coming true.