Alabama Gator Hunting

Dressed in camouflage, Mike Eubanks heads to the waters north of Alabama's Mobile Bay.

Far from the bright lights of the Mobile skyline, a twinkle of light catches the biologist's eye.

They are the prize jewels in this hunt.

On this night, the hunter becomes the hunted.

It's alligator season in Alabama and Eubanks won the lottery for his chance to tackle the most fierce predator in our rivers.

"I said, you know that sounds like fun," Eubanks recalled. "It's just something that you do. You put a team together and do it."

You could call it extreme fishing, but in this sport, there is no bait and no net, only a spotlight and a big hook.

Even though it's Eubanks' first hunt, it only takes a few tries to catch a big one.

"It was like holding on to a Mack truck, the alligator just basically went where he wanted to go," Eubanks said.

Once the alligator is caught on the line, there's nothing more to do but wait.

Not long before daylight, this first-time hunter has his catch.

Eubanks hauled in 283 lb. alligator.