Fay Brings Damage

Tropical storm Fay continues to sweep across central Florida leaving a path of flooding and destruction in its wake.

Here in Barefoot Bay, the pounding just continues what the tornado started, the tropical storm wants to finish. People were inside when some roofs blew off and their neighbors just watched.

Resident James Bronsing says "like a train and an airplane put together, then all you could see was debris flying everywhere."

And before the tornado was finished, nine manufactured homes were unlivable, another 42 damaged.

Resident Brenda Doninger says "my window, going to get that blocked off, if not, I guess it's going to be inside."

Another resident says "all you heard a noise...it was so fast."

Barefoot Bay has taken more than its share of hard knocks over the years, hurricane Francis, Jeanne and tropical storm Gordon have gone bowling here. Now, tropical storm Fay will join the list that have made this a hurricane's playground.

It's Florida's largest mobile home community, home to about 8,000.

Brenda Doninger says "the hurricanes came through in '04 and '05 and took out that roof, so this is another brand new roof."

Hour after hour howling wind and stinging rain played up and down the 70 miles of Brevard's coastline.

Inches of rain flooded down and 50 mile per hour winds coming in off the ocean flooded roads and knocked down power lines.

Into the night it continues, streets lonely and darkened by the loss of power.