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Why is WSFA 12 not airing a particular program?

WSFA 12 News carries all of the NBC programming made available to us.  Occasionally, we will pre-empt an NBC show to air a program of more local or regional interest.  All local television stations do this in an effort to meet a wide variety of viewing desires among the local audience. 

For example, when WSFA 12 News carries an SEC football of basketball game, we sometimes have to pre-empt an NBC show to do so.  We always make every effort to delay broadcast the NBC shows that were pre-empted later in the week.  And we try to advertise that delay broadcast as much as possible on air and on our website.

Also, NBC will sometimes pre-empt its own programming with special shows, such as Wimbledon Tennis pre-empting Days Of Our Lives.

We want to serve the viewing desires of the largest number of people in our coverage area.  If you have a specific question about a specific program, email the Program Department.  You'll get a prompt reply.

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