Wiregrass Newsroom: Three Candidates Continue Last Minute Campaigning for Ozark's Mayor

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

For the first time in 12 years a new face will grace the office of mayor in Ozark.

Bob Bunting the current mayor is not seeking re-election and three people are working hard to fill his shoes.

The first candidate is current city clerk Billy Blackwell.  Blackwell has over 20 years experience with the city of Ozark.

"From day one I will be ready to work on the job," said Blackwell.

Andy Gilland wants to take a step up from city council to mayor.

"You need to have a fine tuned ear to what the citizens need are," said Gilland.

Then there's Lynda Webb. She's a newcomer to Ozark politics but not the city.

Webb has lived in Ozark for over 20 years.

"We need revenue coming in to this city, we need help with our schools," said Webb.

There are a lot of issues these candidates are running on.  Just a few are improving education, improving police and fire protection, but a common thread between all three is the need for better economic development in the city of Ozark.

"We have to have industry in this city, it's mandatory that we have industry because the citizens can't be taxed to death expecting to pay for this city," said Webb.

"The main thing and I believe this is the most important in everybody's mind is economic development and education," explained Blackwell.

"Economic development that is industrial development as well as retail development," said Gilland.

Voters will make their choice Tuesday August 26th.