Editorial: Viewer Feedback

Three recent editorials drew some ire from viewers.

Regarding the airport improvement editorial, Ken Newmeyer e-mailed:

"Although the on time departures and arrivals have improved, other things have not... It took over 45 minutes to get our luggage which was longer than it took to fly into Montgomery from Atlanta....If the Airport Authority really wants to improve things and get more people to fly in and out of Montgomery, they will do something to speed up the delivery of the luggage to the deplaned passengers...The parking fee at the airport has also gotten ridiculous.  It was $4.50 a day and now its up to $8 per day.  I can understand they needed an increase but nearly doubling the rate seems a bit much."

Regarding our money troubles editorial, Pat Schmalenberger e-mailed: "I do not think the City of Montgomery Employees should have to "give up" their merit raises because the mayor and the city council made some poor choices in their spending.  Why did they buy a river boat, put in digital parking meters, and put in "round-about" when they knew in advance that the city employees would have to foot the bill. It's not the economy doing this."

And Agnes Tatum disagreed with our chiding Birmingham for going after the Olympics when they have many issues they need to address first.  She said "I am glad to see Birmingham making a bid for the Olympics and I hope Alabama gets it."

We appreciate all of your feedback.