Fay's Flood Waters Clog Sewers in Florida

On top of dealing with flooded streets, residents of Jensen Beach, Florida have been dealing with a dirty dilemma.

Ever since Fay, going to the bathroom or taking a shower has become a filthy proposition.

"We can't take a shower. We can't flush the bathrooms. We can't even wash dishes. The sewage is all backing up because we're on drain fields, not septic, so everything you do is going to bubble out of the ground, or your tub or your commode," explained resident Brian Clough.

Shirley Bellas has been taking sponge baths since Tuesday.

Imagine her relief, when the waters receded enough that she could finally get out of her house and use a working toilet.

"It goes into the shower, and then I have to clean out the mess and Clorox it this morning, I think it was one reason we went to work, so we could use bathrooms," said Bellas.

Other neighbors on the higher side of the street have even been so kind as to open up their bathrooms, giving showers to others in the neighborhood.

Residents say they've never seen the water like this, and they blame developers and neglected ditches as the reason why they are all suddenly sitting in a flood zone.

"It reeks. And our neighbor, her septic is all messed up and it's all going to be in the water. The whole street is going to be filled with feces. And it's just sick," said Meghan Canales.