Central And South Alabama Farmers Wait And Watch For Tropical Storm Fay

Farmers Keep Eye Out For Tropical Storm
Farmers Keep Eye Out For Tropical Storm

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

PIKE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - The beginning of Tropical Storm Fay is starting to arrive in the east, and Pike County farmer Bill Sanders is starting to get a little nervous.

"We need rain but not all at once," said Sanders.

With 40 years behind him as a farmer, Bill Sanders has endured his share of natural disasters. Sanders is trying to harvest as much of the corn before Fay arrives. The soybean crop is still a month away from maturity; two crops, two days to sweat it out.

The concern for most farmers like Sanders is not so much the rain but the wind.  If the corn gets knocked down, then the crop is lost, all 200 acres along with $50,000 he's invested.

"Once the corn gets on the ground it'll just rot away because there's really no way of harvesting it," said Sanders.

Fay could drop as much as 4 inches of rain with strong, gusty winds. Sanders knows the storm could very well wipe away what he's planted. If that happens, this veteran farmer knows what to do; start over.

"We'll just depend on the good Lord and start again," said Sanders.

The potential damage from Fay couldn't come at a worse time because many farmers like Bill Sanders still haven't recovered from the drought over the last two years.