Ideas for Public Awareness Events

Media attention generates leads and keeps your story in front of the public. The following ideas are also excellent ways to involve volunteers in the search campaign.

Appear on radio and television programs to discuss your child's disappearance.

Hold a press conference or other media event on your child's birthday or on the anniversary of the disappearance.

Prepare press releases or make personal statements about the disappearance of a child in another community.

Publish a letter to your child in your local newspaper.

Prepare press releases relating to Federal, State, or local legislation.

Ask radio stations throughout your State to play your child's favorite song and dedicate it to your child.

Hold a rally at your child's school with music and prayers.

Ask your child's school to organize a letter writing campaign to politicians, the media, or your State legislature.

Organize student marches to distribute fliers or posters.

Develop buttons or T-shirts with your child's picture and a special message to your child.

Hold a prayer vigil.

Hold a candlelight vigil.

Organize a dance or a benefit auction.

Ask sports teams in your area to include pictures of your child in their programs and to make public service announcements at all games.

Plant a tree or dedicate a garden in your child's name.

Release helium-filled balloons with your child's name and other relevant information printed on them.

Hold bowling tournaments.

Hold running, dance, or other types of marathons.

Ask local businesses or banks to dedicate a Christmas tree or a display of lights in honor of your child.

Source:  Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Report:  When Your Child is Missing