Pike County Farmer Still Waiting Out Storm

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

PIKE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Friday morning Bill Sanders knew Tropical Storm Fay would dump a lot of rain, something he welcomed but he feared the wind more.

"If it knocks down the corn, then it's going to be very hard for us to harvest the corn," Sanders said on Friday hours before Fay arrived.

It is now Monday afternoon and the rain is still falling and for the moment not much of a breeze. So far so good for Bill Sanders even though he's gotten more than 8 inches of rain since Saturday morning.

Sanders was able to harvest about 10 acres of his corn crop before Fay showed up, but 20 acres are still exposed to the elements. Across the pond the soybean crop is hanging in there. It still has another month to go before it matures.

Living off the land for more than 40 years, this veteran farmer has learned there's really not much you can do when your livelihood is at the mercy of the weather every year. Fay is no exception yet Sanders couldn't imagine doing anything else.

"It's a passion. The land has been in the family since 1905 and I figured up the other day the 18 or 20 children in the family have made a living off the land, and it's provided a good living for me and my wife over the years,' said Sanders.