Evergreen Teacher a Class Act

Algebra can be tough, but Ms. Linda Whitman seems to have the magic touch.     "I feel like everybody can teach but you gotta love it," said the Hillcrest High School Algebra teacher.

She loves it all right.     Miss Whitman has been in the classroom for more than 20-years and she's this week's Class Act.     The 9-th grade math teacher in Evergreen admits sometimes it can be tough reaching the kids, but she says eventually they come around.   "You have to motivate them and sometimes they don't like my motivation."

So what does she enjoy the most about her time in the classroom?    "The look they get in their eyes when they finally get it, when they leave me they're usually way ahead."

It's easy to see why they follow her lead.      Several years ago hurricane Ivan destroyed her home.     Her family moved to South Alabama, but after a brief stint teaching down there, she fought to get back to the school she loves, even though it meant a long commute.    "I'm the one who makes the 2 hour commute each way to help these kids be more successful."

She leads by example and Ms. Linda Whitman from Hillcrest High School in Evergreen is this week's Class Act.