Editorial: Truancy Troubles

Should parents be held accountable for their child's attendance and behavior at school?

Should students who skip school unexcused be held accountable?

We think absolutely YES!

Is this a problem?
You bet.

Not as bad this past year as the year before...but bad.

More than 60,000 unexcused absences last year in Montgomery Public Schools.

More than 70,000 the year before.

These students weren't Ferris Buehler and directing marching bands when they skipped.

State law says parents are responsible but right now that is not being enforced - obviously.

So next week the city council will vote on a proposed ordinance aimed at stopping this problem.

Students who are truant and wandering the streets can be picked up by law enforcement officers and taken to a designated center.

Parents of children who are truant or continue to behave badly in school could be fined or jailed if their child's actions continue.

Sounds drastic but drastic action is needed.

Creating an environment conducive to  learning should be a priority and holding all accountable will help teachers, administrators and most importantly, the students themselves.