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Senior Advantage

Senior Advantage

Addressing the needs and concerns of people 55 or older, Senior Advantage provides the latest medical and health information as well as exclusive benefits, a variety of activities and seminars for senior adults.

When you join the Senior Advantage program, you're making a wise investment in your health. As a member, you'll benefit from the many Senior Advantage wellness programs and activities, all designed to help seniors stay healthy, happy and active.

You'll also enjoy a wide range of benefits, services and discounts. To join you are required to have 70% insurance coverage. There are three office locations with office hours from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. & 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Baptist Medical Center South - (334) 286-3400
  • Baptist Medical Center East - (334) 244-8308
  • Prattville Baptist Hospital - (334) 361-4286

The Senior Advantage program is composed of six components:

  • Wellness
  • Involvement
  • Fun
  • Education
  • Help
  • Discounts.

The first three, Wellness, Involvement and Fun, can be grouped together through the activities and opportunities offered to the members.

  • Line Dancing - beginning and intermediate classes are offered in six weeks sessions for a nominal fee

  • Lunch Bunch - gives members an opportunity to experience different restaurants monthly with a group they know and enjoy (Dutch Treat)

  • Volunteer Opportunities - come in many forms and activities. A few include: Quilters and Teddy Bear Makers, Senior Advantage Golf Tournament, The Fun Time Band and Diggers and Sprigers

  • Travel – members have the opportunity to choose from a variety of trips from one day to foreign travel. Excellent prices, pampered service and wonderful destinations make traveling with Senior Advantage a care free way to see Alabama, the nation and the world.

  • Special Events – includes Health Fairs, Entertainment, Red White and Blue and You Program, Bake Sales and Book Fairs

  • Monthly Meetings – Fun gatherings that include informational speakers, fun and fellowship, refreshments and information of upcoming events


  • Monthly Meetings – speakers on health issues and senior related topics are featured at each meeting

  • Classes and small seminars – subjects that would be needed by a more specific population are presented in a smaller setting, such as the 55 Alive driving course, Down Sizing Your Home and Computer Classes

  • Community Resources – current information is available for our members and their families

  • Health Screenings – screenings are available on a rotating basis. Screenings include: cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, eye, hearing, memory, prescription and over-the-counter drug interaction problems, osteoporosis and vascular problems.

  • Insurance counseling and assistance – help with unraveling bills from the hospital, doctors and insurance companies; also information on Medicare supplemental and Long Term Care insurance coverage.

  • Quarterly Newsletter - information about Senior Advantage programs and activities. 

  • Help  Lifeline – a personal emergency response system. A way to get help when you can’t call for help yourself.

  • Notary – available for members and their families

  • Copying – copying of important papers

  • Accessing of the Aging Network – help for members and families in knowing services available in the community

  • Dementia counseling and information – the personnel is part of the Alabama Dementia Education and Training Program for the State of Alabama Department of Mental Health

Hospital Benefits

  • Courtesy Admission and Discharge
  • A private room, when available
  • $4.00 Discount meal coupon to be used in the cafeteria (1 per day for a maximum of seven days)
  • Free cot in a private room


  • Prescription Drugs
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Corporate
  • Community

Cost for Membership

  • $15.00 – Single membership for one year
  • $25.00 – Single membership for two years
  • $25.00 – Family membership for one year
  • $40.00 – Family membership for two years
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