Daughter of Woman Mario Woodward Killed 18 Years Ago Speaks Out

Jennifer Albert's mother was killed by Mario Woodward 18 years ago.
Jennifer Albert's mother was killed by Mario Woodward 18 years ago.

Nearly 20 years ago, Mario Woodward, the man convicted of killing Montgomery Police Officer Keith Houts, stood in a courtroom and pleaded guilty to manslaughter. His victim: Janice Albert. Wednesday, Jennifer Albert stood next to Officer Houts family. She knows what its like to lose a loved one, too. Mario Woodward killed her mother. Woodward pleaded guilty to killing Jennifer's mother, Janice, 18 years ago. Until now, Jennifer had never set eyes on her Mother's killer. She said, "I always just wanted to be in the same room as him."

Jennifer still remembers the moment she learned her mother had been shot. She was just six years old. She feels Woodward robbed her of precious time with her mother.  When Jennifer learned Woodward was accused in another murder, she says it brought back a lot of painful memories. "I thought he has gotten out and he has done it again," she recalls.

Jennifer feels Woodward should never have been given the chance to kill again. She believes he should have spent his life in prison for taking her Mother's life. She says, "I think he should have stayed in."

Jennifer says the night her mother was shot and killed her mother got into a fight with a friend of Woodward's. She says her mother won the fight and that made Woodward and his friend angry. Jennifer says Woodward told her mother he was going to get a gun and kill her and that's what he did. Jennifer plans to write a book about this one day.