Rev. Al Sharpton Planning Trip to Alabama

ALABAMA - The Reverend Al Sharpton says he will bring a bus load of civil rights activist to the state to increase voters participation for the November election.

According to news reports, Alabama is one of six state's targeted by Sharpton's "Not This Time" campaign. It's purpose is to make sure people know their voting status.

Today, Secretary of State Beth Chapman issued a statement saying she welcomes anyone who would like to encourage voter participation and to register Alabama citizens to vote.

"If Rev. Sharpton visits, he will be treated with the same professional courtesy as anyone else. However, he is not an Alabamian so he will be treated as a visitor and, of course, the law does not allow him to act in any official capacity with regard to Alabama's elections," Chapman said.

Chapman says she encourages every U.S. citizen who is a legal resident of Alabama and meets legal requirements to register and vote. "When it comes to voter fraud or voter intimidation, my position is, 'Not any time, not anyone, not anywhere, not any reason'," Chapman said.

The Secretary predicts the November Presidential Election will draw the largest number of voters in Alabama's history.