Mushroom Express - Does It Work

If eggs and other small fruits and vegetables give you a headache when your trying to get that perfect slice, fret no more there's yet another tv product that could help you out. David Hagood tests' it out on this edition of "Does It Work"? It slices everything from strawberries to eggs, to it's namesake... Mushrooms. It's claim is that you get perfect slices every time. To test out this as seen on tv product" I've asked Sherry McDonnell to give us a hand. She's in the kitchen often and say's product like this could be used for a number of things. "I think that it would be very handy in preparing for vegetables trays and fruit trays make slicing the vegetables and fruits a little easier. It will also make cooking breakfast for your kids easier. Yeah cooking breakfast or dinner. Adding mushrooms to speggati and pizza's things like that." So to make Sherry's life easier we gave her the Mushroom Express. With it's 9 sturdy stainless steel blades, extra wide carriage, stay shut latch and it's guarantee to be your favorite slicer... surly it would make Sherry's kitchen experience a lot better. First up in the Mushroom Express is.. a mushroom. "Ok... talk us through what you're doing. Well you put the mushroom in here and you press down and it slices it." The mushroom express sliced right through those just as the package said but it was a little tough getting them out of the blades we also tried the slicer on a cucumber. Sherry said you have to cut it shorter because it has to fit inside here but then we'll have to see if it slices it. It may be a little too thick." Again we're having some trouble getting the cucumber out of the blades. But what about a boiled egg for our salad? That could be a little tricky because the egg is softer... so how did it do? "Wow that worked good" with that said, we'll enjoy our perfectly sliced eggs and mushrooms and give this product a passing stamp.... It works! The mushroom express costs about 10 bucks from Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also find it by going to their website at