NCAA Deems ASU Receiver Eligible

Montgomery, AL (WSFA)-- The ASU Compliance Office has deemed senior receiver Keon Humphries eligible for the season.

Humphries, a Mississippi State University transfer student, needed to have at least two years of eligibility remaining. Humphries only has one, thus a special waiver needed to be filed on his behalf.

"We needed to verify that the Master's degree program here was different than the program at Mississippi State," said Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance Monique Holland.

With that now being verified, everyone is happy that he is now able to compete.

"We are happy for him," Barlow said. "Keon is a Montgomery native, a good kid and has already graduated from Mississippi State University. He has connections here in our city. We are excited for him."

Humphries will travel to Tallahasee with the ASU football team that leaves Montgomery at 1 p.m. Friday. The team will face the Florida A & M Rattlers at Bragg Memorial Stadium Saturday in the first game of the season.

Compiled by WSFA 12 Sports Intern Reporter Jeremy Reid