Auburn Montgomery Political Science Professor Reacts to McCain Pick

Sarah Palin - the Governor of Alaska for less than two years.

Before that, the mayor of a town around the same size as Wetumpka.

AUM Political Science Professor Brad Moody says he was surprised by the pick.

He said the choice is a political risk with McCain constantly pointing out Barack Obama's inexperience.

But, Moody thinks the social conservative could win over the party base.

However, Moody says her conservative politics won't appeal to disgruntled Clinton Democrats.

"You would have to be awfully mad a Sen. Barack Obama to vote for someone whose positions are almost the opposite," said Moody.

The McCain/Palin ticket has sealed one victory already by taking the spotlight away from Obama the day after his big speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Obama spoke about the selection calling it one more indicator the country is moving forward.

But adds, like McCain, Palin wants to take the country in the wrong direction.