Teen Makes the World a Better Place with a Podcast

A Pennslyvania teenager is helping to make the world a better place - one podcast at a time.

From her parents basement, 17-year-old Julie Zauzmer is trying to change the world -- on the web.

Julie started her website with podcasts, letting people know how to help. She got started when surfing a site on the internet.

Julie says, "Goodsearch.com, which is a search engine just like google or yahoo, but every time you search it you can donate to charity. You choose the charity. There are thousands and i just thought that was really, really cool."

From the website she created and downloads on itunes, Julie has 25-hundred listeners since she started in January.

Julie's mom, Jan Zauzmer, says "We're very proud of her. She has always cared about helping others and has a talent for writing and it's wonderful that she's found a creative outlet for combining these interests."

Every week the soon to be Senior at Upper Dublin High School records a podcast on simple ways to be charitable.

But not all of the ideas are computer based.

Julie put a lot of time into reasearching easy ways how to help other people, and she in turn is helping all those people.

If you're interested in Julie's podcast log on to http://julie.libsyn.com/

By Daniel Sparkman - bio | email