Springford's Trial Date Coming

The man accused of killing his parents at Thanksgiving in 2004 in Montgomery was back in court Wednesday. Brent Springford, Junior is still waiting on a trial date. Judge William Shashy is considering January or February of next year, however, before setting the date he must check with Birmingham because that's where Springford's trial will be held.

One of those who attended Wednesday's hearing was Springford's sister who is pregnant. Even though she has attended hearings previously there seemed to be no contact or communication between the two. Her brother has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, and his attorneys are also are trying to get a competency hearing to prove he's incompetent to stand trial.

Defense attorney Jay Lewis is one of them. "He is unable to rationally assist us in formulating and carrying out his defense." Lewis was asked to explain. "Does that mean he's unable to talk - he's unable to carry on a straight conversation?" However, Lewis was cautious in answering. "That's about all I can say. He's got some decisions to make in the case as do all defendants. If he can not rationally make those decisions, can not rationally assist us in helping him with those decisions then he's incompetent."

Springford has spent the past few weeks at Taylor Hardin in Tuscaloosa undergoing a mental evaluation. His attorneys are not releasing the results.

The judge must also decide if there will be a competency hearing for Springford. If he does, that will probably take place sometime in October.