Hurricane evacuee in jail after family feud

Evacuees came seeking shelter, but one found herself in harms way at Vaughn Park Church of Christ. "It started between two females who were sisters," said Montgomery Police Lt. Keith Barnett.

Don Duplessis, his girlfriend Roxanna and her sister Samantha fled New Orleans before Hurricane Gustav hit. Ready to go home, witnesses say Duplessis and Roxanna needed gas money and when Samantha wouldn't give it to them a fight began. Police say Duplessis punched Samantha and slashed her tires. "We want to stress this was a one time incident," said Pastor Brad Sullivan.

Sullivan said the church didn't have problems with any of the more than 90 evacuees at the shelter until the family fight. Sullivan says the stress of being so far away, broke and worried about to get back home has worn on the evacuees. "Everyone's ready to go back home, but not certain as to what they'll go back to," he said.

Despite the stress, he says virtually all the evacuees were respectful and grateful for the help. Sullivan spoke with Duplessis before police carried him away; he offered an apology. "We talked about controlling ourselves and being in tough situations. He apologized," said Sullivan.

The church paid to replace Samantha's tires. At last check, Duplessis was still in jail charged with harassment.