Montgomery Police Department to Enforce School Dress Code at Cramton Bowl

How you dress to go to a football game typically reflects the team you pull for, but Montgomery Public School officials say some were showing more than school spirit.  "At events we had students that were wearing things that had insignia or logos that alluded to inappropriate behavior," said Schools Spokesperson Mona Davis.

Now, students will have to follow the Montgomery Public School System's dress code in the halls and in the stands. Davis says, "It's equally important how they dress inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom."

The Montgomery Police Department will enforce the system's dress code at Cramton Bowl. It includes: no sagging pants, skirts and shorts must be no higher than two inches above the knee, all shirts must be tucked in with no stomachs showing, and flip-flops are not allowed. The rules apply to all spectators not just students. Some like the policy, others aren't fans of it. One in favor of it said, "Since it is a school sponsored event, I do believe we need to carry the dress code forward." Another questions, "Why do they have to punish the fans?"

Police will call a personal foul on any fans caught not following the dress code and eject them from the game. "The subjects will be asked to come into compliance with the policy or they will be escorted from Cramton Bowl," said Police Lt. Keith Barnett.

This policy isn't new. Police are already enforcing the dress code at school basketball games. They say so far it has worked.