Local Republicans watch as McCain accepts nomination

By Cody Holyoke - bio | email

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Last Thursday, Democrats came together to watch their candidate rally voters.

Now, it's the GOP's turn.

Republicans of all ages made the trek to Montgomery Thursday--gathering around a big screen, hoping their candidate has what it takes to win.

"His values line up with my values," explained Benny Jo Sasser, an Andalusia resident.

"He's very dedicated.  He's very focused, and that's what we need in a leader."

The past few weeks have given the McCain campaign a chance to energize.  With VP pick Gov. Sarah Palin leading the charge, supporters say the ticket has a very good chance come November.

"People are fired up.  She identifies with people in all walks of life.  She identifies that Republicans are, in fact, 'real folks,'" said State Treasurer Kay Ivey.

While Democrats are stressing "party unity" to beat Republicans in the fall, the GOP is trying to swing women and younger voters to their ticket.

It's a strategy some Alabamians say is working.

"[For] people like me, who are politically active and young, it's the ideology.  It's the principles and the beliefs that really matter," explained Drew White, chair of Alabama Students for McCain.