Pesky Mosquitos, Snakes And Allegations Of Gunshots In Tallapoosa County

Jack and Kim Mowery
Jack and Kim Mowery
Stagnant water on the couple's property brings mosquitos and headaches
Stagnant water on the couple's property brings mosquitos and headaches

Never before have Jacky and Kim Mowery had trouble with a neighbor.

"All because he illegally blocked a drainage ditch," said Kim Mowery.

A ditch that connects both properties in Reeltown. The Mowerys identify their neighbor as Harold Beverly, a disabled war veteran. He lives next door about 15 yards away. They accuse Beverly of cutting timber on his property which blocks the natural water flow in the ditch. That in turn has caused water to stagnate on the couple's property and along with it mosquitos and snakes.

"We're talking water moccasins and water snakes that come up to my house," Kim Mowery said.

Jacky Mowery claims Beverly shot at him while he was doing yard work, not far from the drainage ditch and Kim says she witnessed the shooting through her kitchen window.

"He was standing there on the back of his porch and leveled a high-powered rifle and shot at my husband. No question about it.

"I heard both shots," Jacky Mowery said.

Mr. Beverly refused to share his side of the story on camera but spoke with WSFA 12 News through a screen door at his home. Beverly apparently lost the ability to use his voice so he used with a speaking device to tell us all of what the Mowerys alleged is a bold lie. Beverly says the Mowerys.. not him.. have caused erosion on his property.

"I never fired a gun at them. It's more harassment on his part. They've eroded my property. I live by myself," said Beverly.

"I haven't done anything to him," Jacky Mowery insisted.

Regardless of who's telling the truth, Beverly faces a reckless endangerment charge and as of today he's scheduled to go to court in December, according to the attorney representing the Mowerys.

"We're tired of it," said Kim Mowery.

Tired of not only the neighborhood fight, but tired of all those pesky mosquitos and snakes.

The Mowerys say they've contacted agencies like the Corps of Engineers about the water situation. No word what if anything the corps can do about it.