Woman finds message in a bottle

There will be a lot of stories about what Hurricane Ike's surf took away.

The turtle eggs.

The shrinking shoreline.

But there is one story about what arrived on the tide of the storm, told by art teacher Mary Rossoff, whose morning beach walk to collect shells for mosaics took a personal turn.

Mary came back from the beach with her usual bucket load of maritime collectibles, and a sea-worn bottle.

"There wasn't any liquid but there was a little white note inside," she said.

The message was dated August 24th and it was written by what Mary took to be a young woman named Kizzy Torres, who says she threw it into ocean off Varadero Beach on Cuba's north Coast.

Mary read from the letter:

"There have been sad moments in my life mostly related to my love life."

It was a lovesick message from 300 miles to the south delivered by a most primitive form of communication.

Surprisingly, it came with a sophisticated return address.

The message had an e-mail address written on it.

"It was someone reaching out to someone to hear her message," said Mary.

She spent the day reaching back through cyberspace trying to contact and even comfort what she considers a potentially troubled young woman.

"Right now I feel pathetic, another girl with a bad teenhood." wrote Kizzy.

A lost young woman on an unapproachable island, or just an unhappy girl with a romantic streak?

Whatever the case, Mary Rossof would like to know more.