Ike heads for Texas

Texas residents are preparing for the possible arrival of Hurricane Ike.

The storm has already cleared Cuba and is out over the warm waters of Gulf of Mexico.

It's headed toward the Texas coast, possibly the Corpus Christi area.
While the path may be in question..

"Storm tracks are still unpredictable. It is possible they can move one way or another, today or tomorrow," said Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas.

Texas is now clearly the target.

So as Hurricane Ike churns in the Gulf gathering momentum and intensity the entire Texas Gulf Coast prepares.

"I guess it's sort of the price you pay for living down here," said Galveston resident Justin Presnal.

In Galveston the Presnal family is packing-up just in case they are forced to move to higher ground.

"If we have to leave we'll probably have to leave sometime on Thursday to get out of here ahead of time," said Presnal.

In Corpus Christi dozens are lining up for supplies including plywood and generators to brace against what Ike might bring.
Forecasters say Ike will be a monster storm as it makes landfall,
Category 3 or higher.
Buses are lined up at port San Antonio ready to move to the potential strike zone, and shuttle evacuees to safety.

And as far inland as Dallas emergency teams and red cross volunteers are on stand-by ready to respond but wondering with millions along the texas coast where and when.