Someone steals Jesus

Detroit police are on the lookout for a missing Jesus figurine after thieves looted the historic Most Holy Trinity Church on Monday.

A janitor discovered a window open at the church when he arrived to work Tuesday morning and reported the break-in.

Rev. Russell E. Kohler said thieves pillaged the church and took nearly everything metallic from sacred religious items such as the tabernacle, the chalice, to candle sticks and light fixtures.

The thieves also took Holy Water from 1855 and a brass iconic gift from the Russian Orthodox Church to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Most Holy Trinity.

"There is kind of an emptiness or a sense of violation," Kohler said.

The only metallic items the thieves did not take were two crosses, a medium sized cross that sits on top of the altar and a larger processional cross.

Kohler said he thinks the thieves didn't take them because they had fear or sign of respect for the cross.

Police said they were not able to trace back any fingerprints because the thieves used gloves.

Kohler has scoured local pawnshops Tuesday to see if any of the stolen items surface.

It not, they will have to will have to appeal to the congregation for money to replace some of the items.

Kohler said he will have the church re-blessed by the bishop because people's faith was trampled on.