How do politicians get your home phone number?

Your phone should be ringing more over the next two months.

That's because politicians will flood the phone lines with political calls.

But where do they get your phone number in the first place?
"I know what I'm going to vote for. I don't need them to tell me," said one homeowner.

But that won't stop the calls from coming.

You see politicians are exempt from the national do not call list.

"Political calls, non profit charities, surveys," said Beth Givens of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

All given a green light to call your phone whether it's listed or not.

"It can be intrusive and you have to be very careful," said political consultant Jennifer Jacobs.

So if you're on the do not call list, how do politicians get your phone number in the first place?

"They pay good money to get voter lists that have been enhanced with other information," said Givens.

Information from public and private sources.

But while it's legal, even politicians making the calls realize when things heat up near election time those calls can be overwhelming.

"Because so many people are getting them now, that people come home and having 10 or 12 of them on their voice mails and we think that can backfire on our candidates plus get lost in the message," said Jacobs.

But there is no legal way to stop them. And while the races heat up the calls will skyrocket until the day after the election.