Pit Bull Attacks East Montgomery Man

Chris Williams' day changed in a hurry when he came home for lunch Monday. It happened on White Acres Road, not far from Trinity Presbyterian School.

"I thought he was going to kill me," said Willams.

A stray pit bull squeezed through an opening in Williams' backyard fence and stood nose-to-nose with Williams' two dogs closed in in their own pen. Williams found out quickly what he was dealing with; 60 pounds of strength.

"I've never seen a dog that aggressive," Williams said.

Williams admitted he made the mistake of going inside his yard to shoo the dog off and that's when it happened.

"He lunged at me and came after me. When he latched on to my leg, he wouldn't let go. He tore my flesh," said Williams.

Did it ever. 8 stitches along with 13 rabies shots in two days. Indeed a close call for Chris Williams. Had it not been a mop stick nearby, there's no telling what would have happened.

"I was beating him off with my fist and he wouldn't let go. I grabbed the stick and got close enough to hit him on the nose. I've got a one-year old son. It would have killed him had he been playing outside," Williams said.

At the Montgomery Humane Society, Steven Tears gives a word of warning; back off if you can and always call Animal Control.

"When you see strays, don't let them roam," Tears said.

Chris Williams says he's never seen the dog before but heard it's the same one that chased a few school children at a school bus stop just around the corner on East Trinity Boulevard hours before the dog attacked Williams.

City animal control officers have since put out a trap for the dog. So far nothing. Chris Williams fought a pit bull and won but not without walking away with some bloody wounds.

"I won't do this again," Williams said.

It's still not over for Williams. He has to endure 5 more rabies shots beginning Thursday.

Williams says the pit bull is brown and he had white markings on his chest and foot.