Pit Bull Attacks Montgomery Woman

Two pit bull attacks in less than a week in Montgomery. The first happened Monday on East Trinity Boulevard. Then Wednesday, police say two other dogs attacked a woman on Withers Street. "One of them actually tore to the bone," said Capt. Huey Thornton.

The dog's owner tells us the dog's name is Smokey. She wouldn't go on camera but tells us Smokey and her other dog jumped the fence behind her home. She says only Smokey bit the neighbor who was walking down the street.  Thornton says, "The dogs were taken into custody by police."

This is the second pit bull attack this week. Chris Williams says one squeezed through an opening in his backyard fence and bit him Monday. He told us, "I thought he was going to kill me."

Montgomery County Humane Society Director Steven Tears calls it unusual to have two attacks this close together. He says most dogs attack out of fear. He advises, "If you come across one, leave it alone and call for someone who knows what they are doing; you'll be fine. They typically don't attack unprovoked."

What should you do if one comes at you? Tears says stand still and, "If they knock you down, get into almost a fetal position and protect your face and head and be still."

What caused Smokey to attack, we don't know. His owner signed him over to be euthanized. The other is quarantined at a vets office for ten days. After the ten day period is up, the owner can pick up the dog unless the woman who was attacked signs a vicious animal affidavit. Police say her injuries will require surgery. Police say the dog involved in Monday's attack was found Thursday morning.