Alabama Agriculture Commissioner Statement on High Gas Prices

Statement from:

the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries concerning the rising gas prices in Alabama

due to recent hurricanes

September 12, 2008

MONTGOMERY - The Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries is responsible for the volume and purity of petroleum products in Alabama.  We ensure that the consumers of this state receive a gallon when they purchase a gallon and that the octane levels are correct and that there are no impurities that could harm your automobile as well as correct labeling requirements.

Currently we are monitoring the situation as it relates to rising gas prices.  We are in daily contact with the Alabama Petroleum Council and their staff.  We are gathering information as it pertains to the current reduction of gasoline production.

Due to Hurricane's Gustav and Ike, gasoline production has been greatly hampered.  It is believed that this situation will correct itself once refineries in the storm areas return to full production.

The Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries will be investigating reports of irregularities concerning gasoline pricing and if need be referring the findings to the Alabama Attorney Generals office for further action.

Contact numbers are as follows:

Attorney General's Office

Consumer Affairs Division


Agriculture and Industries

Weights and Measures Division

1-800-642-7761 ext. 7130