Gas Prices Didn't Soar At Bullock County Store

The Marathon gas station in Union Springs may be one of the few places where gas prices didn't soar overnight. In fact, it didn't even move but not for long.

Expect the price per gallon of $3.79 to jump at least 70 cents by Saturday.

"It's a real situation," said owner David May.

Real and very much out of David May's control. May says the $3.79 represents the price he bought his fuel earlier this week. When the next shipment arrives Saturday morning?

"I expect it to go up at least 70 cents," May said which would make it $4.49 per gallon.

For people like David May, it's a double-edged sword; while a hurricane can drive up gas prices, it also drives up business inside May's store. Today, it was up 25%. Still, May says he would much rather have it where gas prices are more stable.

"I'm on the phone constantly looking for gas. It's just a hassle," May said.

Not only a hassle to find gasoline but the pain May has to pass on to customers.

In Montgomery David May also owns the Phillips 66 station on Highway 231 North. He's already telling customers to buy no more than $50.00 worth of fuel.

"Just so everybody will get a fair amount," he said.

No matter where you go, the prices seem to be going up. Sign of the times at the pump.