Drivers, Stations wait for gas, lower prices

By Cody Holyoke - bio | email

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- With gas shortages, skyrocketing prices--or both--the weekend proved hectic for drivers throughout the Southeast.

"We've got a crisis on our hands in Texas, and I believe we're being ripped off," exclaimed Archie Howell of Geneva.

Sunday, AAA reported the highest recorded average price for regular gas in Montgomery: $3.98.  It's an average that shot up fifteen cents overnight.

"We need to come to some type of agreement for this gas to go down, to help us get backwards and forwards to work, because people can't afford this gas," said Linda Lee, a Montgomery resident.

Meanwhile, the state Attorney General's office is watching prices as they continue to climb--looking for gouging and fielding call after call from concerned drivers.

"Just since Friday, we've received well over 1,000 complaints.  We've had more than 400 voicemails alone," explained Chris Bence, Chief of Staff.

With Texas still cleaning up the devastation brought on by hurricane Ike, local station owners and motorists alike are stuck waiting--and hoping a solution will come soon.

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