Husband Speaks Out About Assault And Wife's Death In Montgomery

Montgomery Police Look For 3 Suspects In 17th Murder Of The Year
Montgomery Police Look For 3 Suspects In 17th Murder Of The Year

"I wanted to kill them. I'll be honest with you."

Brutal honesty from Johnny Sherard who witnessed something terrible at his Lakeview Heights home off Harrison Road in Montgomery

"We pulled up about where you're standing," said Sherard in his own driveway.

It happened Thursday night. Johnny and Brenda Sherard had just come back from picking up dinner when out of nowhere, Mr. Sherard felt the barrel of a gun at his head.

"I never saw him come up and he had a ski mask on. He said 'give me all your money.' I told him 'I don't have any, and I told him 'why don't yall just leave us a lone,' said Sherard.

At this point Mrs. Sherard screamed for help. The neighbor heard and called 911. By now the second suspect started striking Brenda Sherard on the face with a pistol. The third man stayed in the street.

"He kept telling her 'shut up,' lady, shut up lady.' I saw the last lick and I saw her go down," said Johnny Sherard.

The three suspects ran with one of them shooting in the air. Bleeding and hurting Mr. Sherard helped his wife up the steps to the kitchen table. It was then Johnny Sherard wondered 'why?'

"I can't understand why any man or juvenile would do that," said Sherard.

And sadly there is more to the story. Two days later Brenda Sherard died of a heart attack at Baptist South apparently as a result of what all she went through according to her husband.

Johnny and Brenda Sherard were married for more than 20 years. Sherard says he lost more than his wife. He lost his best friend.

"We had fun together, enjoyed being together with each other. We did everything together. We bowled together. That's how we met," said Sherard.

The night before Brenda Sherard unexpectedly passed away, she told her husband something he'll never forget. Regardless of what happened, Brenda said,  'don't lose your faith.'  Mr. Sherard says he hasn't and he won't.

As of right now Montgomery police are looking for 3 black males. Two of them are said to be around 20-years old. Not sure about the third one since the Sherards didn't get a good look at him.

One of the suspects is around 5'9" weighing around 250 pounds and was last seen wearing dark clothing. This is the one who was allegedly wearing the ski mask. The other suspect is about 6'3", 185 pounds and wore corn rows, according to homicide investigators.

Police say this is now a capital murder case as a result of Brenda Sherard's death. This the city's 17th murder of the year.

If you have information that could help police call the Secret Witness Line at 334-262-4000 or 334-241-2651.